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How it all began

I grew up in Monmouth and Salem , Oregon . I have been a designer and creator  in many medias all my life. In 1994 I started braiding for Oak Grove Kennel in Monmouth,Oregon. Russ and Donna were the original creators of the first 5  adjustable lanyard and lead designs. The designs are patterned after Old Western Horse gear and came in 4 colors. I was able to buy the Leather business in 1999, when Russ and Donna expanded their boarding and grooming facilities.The internet has introduced me to international hunting and herding groups. I now sell to hunters and trainers in the USA and all over the world. 

While talking with clients, I realized there is a need for custom work and repairs. I have developed styles for specific uses (wheelchair hunters,call collectors, dog training, showing, hunt guides and specific hunting styles) Multi color work adds to the unique possibilities available. I have  expanded to more than 15 colors and various color patters.

I have designed a modular system  of sliding and adjustable units that can be combined economically for almost every hunting and training need.

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